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The color of the control solution is red, this makes it very easy to see that the test strip is working other manufacturers commonly use a clear control solution. The User's Booklet is well organized and written.


The Quick Reference omits two common tasks: using the control solution to perform a quality check and setting the date and time. The carrying case is also well designed and holds the meter, a vial of 25 test strips, the UltraSoft lancing device, about 25 lancets in a zippered mesh pocket, the Quick Reference and Logbook , and a small pen. Warning : Whenever the meter loses power for any reason it will enter the setting mode and stored test result values and sequence can be lost.

Uploading and viewing test resu lts. The IN TOUCH software has 10 different pre-formatted charts and graphs to help you analyze your blood glucose data in detail; I've been using the IN TOUCH software since February and find it integrates very well with the Ultra , is very easy to use, and the reports good enough to provide useful insights into where I need to improve my blood glucose control; see my test results. Web site support. I find the mylifescan. I also like the feel of the LifeScan sites and receive the impression that LifeScan is interested in personally helping me deal with my diabetes more effectively.

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This same feeling has been reinforced whenever I've contacted LifeScan. Note : In March , LifeScan introduced a new meter called the UltraSmart with all the benefits of the Ultra plus electronic logbook features.

History of Accu-Chek

LifeScan has also released Version 2. A major shortcoming of the new software is it's inability to print reports in color! The kit comes with the meter, 2 AAA batteries, 1 drum containing 17 test strips, two bottles of control solution, 17 lancets, SoftClix lancing device , protection tube for an extra test strip drum, carrying case, carrying holster, User's Manual , Quick Reference Guide , and Logbook. Glucose level determined by reflective photometry Ultra uses an oxidase biosensor ; measurement range 0.

Inserting the Test Strip Drum (Español): ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus System

High-tech looking meter with a flip-up cover looks more like a cell phone than a glucose meter. It has a solid feeling but is quite bulky compared to the Ultra. The carrying holster is gimmicky and impractical. Standard AAA batteries are used to power the meter and have a claimed life of at least tests. Coding of test strips is automatic and the excellent 17 test strip drum is very easy to load and use especially so if you are arthritic and have trouble handling test strips.

However, I find myself wondering how reliable the motorized drum will be; I haven't been able to find any MTBF mean time between failures data. I was confused by the two bottles of control solution having different colored tops red and blue and I thought, incorrectly, that you had to use both to perform a quality check. Having to clean the optics system is a turn off. Compared to the LifeScan Ultra , the Accu-Chek Compact seemed to need a large blood sample and take a long time to collect it it seems that holding the test strip at a degree angle and allowing the strip to only touch the blood, without allowing pressure on the skin, can speed up the process ; I even had to squeeze out more blood, but the test strip could take multiple samples and beeped when it had enough.

The Ultra lacks the multi-sample and audible confirmation features; while I don't think the multi-sample feature is needed, simply because the sample size required is so small, I do think an audible confirmation would be useful. I had to wait for what seemed like a long time to obtain the test result. An infrared port is provided for connecting to a computer, this means that a cable is not needed to upload test results to a Windows-based computer. The SoftClix lancing device is excellent and the least painful of any lancing device that I've used to date, but you have to use the SoftClix lancets which are 28 guage, the same as the LifeScan UltraSoft.

The User's Manual uses some annoying text layout features which make it difficult to read. The Quick Reference Guide will not fit in the carrying case without being folded; in addition, it omits any mention the common task of using the control solution to perform a quality check. I just discovered that it is very easy to press the ON button by mistake and waste a test strip because it can't be retracted back into the drum! The meter also skipped a beat with the last test strip, the motor whirred but no test strip appeared!

I turned the meter off and back on, the motor whirred and the last test strip appeared. Signs of possible problems in the future? Because of the bulk of the meter, getting a blood sample onto the test strip is a bit awkward, again this is in comparison to the relative ease of the LifeScan Ultra. Uploading and viewing test results. You will need an infrared port on your computer to upload test results.

Connecting by cable is not an option. If you use software like Diabetes Diary , which requires the manual input of test results, you don't need the ability to upload. I find the Roche. Even though the sites do contain some useful information, my overall feeling is that their focus is more on marketing than support. I find the sites very slow even when accessed over a high-speed connection. My overall impression is that Roche is only interested in providing minimal product descriptions and support through their web sites.

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Are there any benefits to using reflective photometry over an oxidase biosensor for determining blood glucose level? All I'm seeing at present is a negative-having to clean the optics. I like the look and feel of the Roche Accu-Chek Compact but think it is misnamed especially when compared to the LifeScan Ultra which is about half the size. I also really like the 17 test strip drum and how easy it is to use, especially so if you currently have trouble handling individual test strips.

I also love the SoftClix lancing device. However, I find the meter and software too expensive, the blood sample required too large, getting the sample awkward, and time to get results too long. I think the LifeScan Ultra system with the SoftClix lancing device is the best choice for most people because it is cheaper, more practical, and easier to use.

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For some time I'd been considering buying the QID pen model simply because of its convenient size. The advertisement was for a regular-sized meter but the pharmacist agreed to give me the pen model instead. Test results may be too low if you are severely dehydrated or hypotensive, in shock, or in a hyperglycemic-hyperosmolar state. Test strips can accept multiple blood samples within a second period.

Accu-Chek Aviva Test Strips

The most attractive feature of this meter is that it looks like and is the same size as a pen! The meter comes with a lancing device, 10 lancets, quick reference guide, user's manual, journal, and carrying case. My first disappointment came when I realized that I couldn't use the meter! Test strips are not included with the meter, you have to buy them separately. In addition, you will also have to purchase control solution to test meter performance. Contrast this with the LifeScan, Roche and TheraSense meters that come with everything you need to get started.

The carrying case has space for the meter, lancing device, 6 lancets, journal, and up to 25 individually foil-wrapped test strips; it will not fit in shirt or pant pockets, but it will fit easily in a jacket pocket or a small purse. I find the meter display rather small and difficult to read.

A blood sample size of at least 3. Contrast this with 1-microlitre and 5 seconds for the LifeScan Ultra. Compared to the LifeScan Ultra , getting enough blood onto a MediSense Precision Plus test strip is really difficult; I find this factor alone reason enough to avoid this or any other meter that uses this kind of test strip.

The QID pen version does not have a data port. The regular-sized QID meter does and results can be uploaded and viewed with the Precision Link cable and software. Meter information and support from the MediSense site is difficult to find and is clearly focused on supporting their marketing efforts. I like the small size of the QID pen model meter and the individually foil-wrapped test strips; if you have good eyesight, it is an excellent choice if portability is your primary concern.

Everything You Need To Know About Diabetes Test Strips

However, although the LifeScan Ultra is larger, it is a better choice. The kit comes with the meter, 2 AAA batteries, 10 "True Measure" test strips, 10 lancets, an adjustable lancing device, carrying case, user's manual, quick reference guide, and data log; day money-back guarantee; 4-year warranty; no control solution is included. Glucose level determined by an oxidase biosensor; glucose measurement range 1.

The main attractions of this meter for me were the backlit display with test-strip light, illumination button, a case that glows in the dark, the test results storage capacity, and the ability to test for blood ketones. The backlit display is excellent and the lights make it very easy to read test results which is very important for many diabetics whose eyesight is typically less than optimum. The ability to test for ketones is certainly an added benefit and the main reason I was interested in this meter.

Just like glucose testing, blood is applied to special Ketone test strips and the meter takes 30 seconds to process the sample to produce a Ketone test result. The Ketone test measures Beta-hydroxybutyrate which is normally less than 0. If your level becomes greater than 1. A Ketosis test should be performed every hours whenever you are sick, when your level of stress has increased significantly, or when your blood glucose level is Standard AAA alkaline batteries are used to power the meter and have a claimed life of at least tests. The meter has to be coded for each new box of blood glucose or ketone test strips using a calibration strip provided with the strips.

At the same time, you must wonder why these test strips are so expensive. However, there are few factors to consider. The first being how much research is done by the company to perfect the production of these test strips. As explained earlier, every layer of the test strips is crucial to the final outcome of your blood glucose analysis.

In order to maintain the accuracy of the test strips, how much blood is allowed to penetrate through the absorbent layer has to be exact.