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B ut it took six attempts to pull the fish free as its barb and gills had become stuck in the angler's throat.

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People do things like this all the time and you just don't expect it to happen to you. Mr Quilliam was reunited paramedic Matt Harrison, who helped save him, and thanked him effusively for his efforts.

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Me and my family are really grateful. M r Perry, 27, who has known Mr Quilliam since school, said they had been fishing together for seven years:.

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I was very serious, nothing comical about it. We went from a great night catching fish from some friends to him on the floor.

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Matt was pumping his chest and I was doing the breaths. He was dead, his heart had stopped. I was so relieved when he came round.

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  • He could have died, he could have had severe brain damage. We just thank God he is still here. He thanked me for saving him.

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    Mr Harrison said: "I must say, after 17 years of doing this job I'd never seen anything like it, never seen foreign body quite like that. Brace yourself for the smell.

    The waxy squids and octopus, garish orange sea anemones, stark red salmon, ocher colored oyster meat, and the rainbow scales of dozens of various fish dazzle the eyes. The vendors bark out prices trying to lure you in with a good deal.

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    Broken English, Konglish, and calculators save the day for even those like me with even the most rudimentary Korean skills. Sometimes the vendors will direct you to the restaurant they work with or you can find one on your own. These places will cook up your newly purchased writing seas food and have it ready to be devoured in no time at all.

    There is of course a fee. We bought a kilogram of prawns and a lobster.