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It's good that they're observing caution, but more preventative maintenance would be beneficial. The major differences between these parks is the biggest reason I only gave 6 Flags 3 stars. If Cedar Point is a 5 then 6 Flags can't be higher than a 3 in comparison.

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Tip: Be willing to spend the day becasue lines got much shorter late in the day. Show more reviews.

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Benefits includes: upgrade to Gold Season Pass, free ride picture, free skip the line pass, admission to rest of and all of I recommend purchasing your season passes near Labor Day since that's when the discounts are largest and upgrades are available. Memberships are slightly more expensive and offer more discounts for food and merchandise. There are different tiers, with increasing levels of discounts.

I wouldn't recommend these unless you love repping the Six Flags brand. Daredevil this ride is disgusting but it's actually really fun doing it with your friends. Boomerang it's like a worse version of Flash 2. Sky Screamer 3. The Ark 4. Kong: holy, this ride was so rough. It literally made my friend's earring come off due to the constant head banging against the head rest. Short and painful; skip! Odin's Temple of the Tiger: I'm a bona fide crazy cat lady and am sad to see that these beautiful creatures are going extinct : I appreciate how the trainers based the show around the tiger's natural movements rather than cheap, unethical show tricks.

It's not as eye catching as other shows but very informative. The trainers do not get in the water and the flow is a bit rough. Dolphins are cute though. Sit on the sides of the stadium to get extra wet! Fright Fest starts are PM till the park closes. Decor is lacking. Instead of the entire park being decorated, it's only in specific "Scare Zones" where there are live actors in small patches of walkway.

Fright Fest also gets so unbelievably crowded that it's just not worth it. Come either before October or right after so crowds have lessened. I guess this would make it worth it if you're interested. What a flagrant cash grab smh. Basically, if you have a bag, you're forced to rent a locker for it.

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  • If an employee catches you with a bag in line, you can't ride unless you rent a locker and show a receipt. So to cheat the system Tip 1: Travel light. The "zipped" part is important because many people have left their phones in their jeans and have had it fall off during the ride. Don't let this be you. The cost of food is atrocious. There's no storage for bags on the rides but there are places to store your bottles.

    Tip 3: Bring food and leave it in the car. Six Flag lets you re-enter the park. I opt for Banh Mi, which is Vietnamese sandwich.

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    Don't even try to sneak food in. Tip 4: Download the app!

    Six Flags New Flash Pass System

    It keeps track of your season passes and offers live waiting times. It was super helpful to see which rides I should hit up. I think I got every thing. Hopefully this helps y'all out! The three of us made the day trip from San Francisco on a leisurely Sunday with beautiful weather. We were at first a little apprehensive given none us had visited a theme park in about a decade.

    These were also our favourite two rides. We arrived early, pretty much at opening around 11am. We tried out every ride.. Lines for rides were okay, there was only one ride where we had to wait quite a long time.. We opted not to get the flash pass.. We brought our own food, and stashed it in the ride lockers for a snack between rides. Highly recommend a visit. I almost cancelled my trip to Six Flags, because of the bad reviews on Trip Advisor. I have to say that myself, my 2 children, my sister, and her children had a fantastic time! We did not notice many rides out of service, the lines were manageable, the dolphin show, and butterfly exhibit were great, and of course the Funnel cake was delicious :.

    I'd encouage everyone to try the park out themselves and if you enjoy yourself come back and write a review. I feel bad that it's gotten a bad rap. It was our first time there but we will definitely be back! This place puts in a new attraction every year.

    This year it is the Batman coaster. Next year is the Sidewinder Safari Coaster. Offer something in exchange, such as paying for a meal or even giving them money for the tickets. If you work with a larger corporation, check with human resources to see if they potentially partnered up with a company called TicketsAtWork. In short, this company partners with thousands of corporations and offers special discounts on many travel perks, including Six Flags tickets, all for a rate much cheaper than what the general public can receive.

    Again, to create an account, you will need an access code from your Human Resources department. For more information, refer to this FAQ to see how you can take advantage.

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    Or if you want to do a pinch more work, visit the hotel websites in the area to see if any packages exist. You could even call the hotels as some offer ticket packages and a free shuttle to the park, helping you avoid the parking fees. Bundling your hotel and tickets can be a good deal in some cases, but not always, so I recommend you price the tickets and hotel room separately first to see if the bundle makes sense. Again, if going this route, do so at your own risk and always make sure you meet in a safe area such as a police station. And since this community is pretty fast at finding deals on just about anything, you may want to set up an alert to notify you in the case of a Six Flags deal.

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    That way, you can act on it before it expires. If you truly want to be frugal, consider taking some pictures and printing your favorites at home. The Flash Pass is a premium perk which allows the system to hold a place in line so you can spend more time around the park. Any amusement park, not just Six Flags, is going to be costly when it comes to eating lunch, dinner or a snack. For one, you can load up before you even enter the park.

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    This could be at the hotel or even at a cheaper restaurant nearby if need be. Secondly, you can leave the park, get your hand stamped and then eat your lunch in the car.

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    In this case, you could pack a cooler and load it with drinks and sandwiches to tide you over for the rest of the day. To stay hydrated, consider bringing in a reusable water bottle as Six Flags has refill stations located throughout the entire park. Like the tickets at the gate, buying your parking passes online is often the best bet.

    In some cities, be sure to check out the local bus routes as some bus stations are located right outside the park, which is a great way to walk to the park without having to pay the parking fees. If possible, this is the easiest way to park for free! I will be more than happy to add them to the list if it can help other save. My name is Tom Nathaniel, and I created LushDollar to help share my honest thoughts on everything money.

    It's the Internet's most honest money site after all. Working in the finance industry for more than a decade, allow me to share my thoughts! August 20, am.

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    Does free parking benefit apply to all parks, or just the park you bought the pass from? August 21, pm. August 27, pm. August 28, am. August 28, pm.